Why UAE real estate is more secure and more likely to invest compared to the real estate of the region amid geopolitical volatility

February 14, 2022

The UAE achieved its position in a few years ago as the best destination for real estate investment, and this result did not come out of the blue but there are several overlapping factors that made it a hot investment focus to attract the interest of the largest investors in the world varied between the appropriate natural conditions and a rational leadership policy that charted the pace of success and progress to embody an integrated vision of the country and its investment environment because of the privileges provided to investors in it along the lines of the region.In addition to the security enjoyed by the UAE and proving the merits of its system and defense policy in maintaining this world, in light of the turmoil of the political situation that surrounded most Arab countries where peace has contributed to pushing , different nationalities and varieties to prefer it as a safe place to live and settle, especially businessmen by taking it as the headquarters for launching their investment projects, the state is characterized by an unparalleled legislative environment in the region in terms of all legislative laws and executive regulations that It is unique, especially Dubai, like other international cities to protect real estate investment and guide it within special legal channels worthy of preserving the rights of foreign investors on the one hand, and attracting attention on the other. In particular, these laws concerning taxes, which are considered the lowest tax value in the world in terms of selling, buying or registering a property, whether villa, apartment, land or office, are one of the most important reasons for investors to maintain and develop their projects, in addition to the laws issued in recent periods, especially those related to the residence visa of investors and their families.Geographical location and investment climate have made the country an advanced trading center and economic landmark open to various continents of the world from Asia to Europe, America to South Africa, in addition to its availability on free zones that provide the right environment for the economy as the country hosts about 37 free zones, as well as the dynamic development of its financial sector at an accelerated pace.The returns on investment and the unprecedented profitability of investing in emirates real estate, one of the attractive advantages of investing in the country as well as the lifestyle that it provides to all, as it coexists with about 200 nationalities of different languages, cultures and beliefs in a smooth way that made it a mosaic in which the culture of the West and the Arabs blended what facilitated the lifestyle and smooth life of it, which contributed to changing the direction of the global investment compass towards it.The most important thing that distinguishes uae real estate as well is its preservation of its value and quality of price despite economic fluctuations, thus maintaining its growth and continuity as there are properties that increase in value over time such as homes, which is known as long-term investment.Demographic growth and the development of the state infrastructure is one of the advantages of investment polarization in the country, which is witnessing a remarkable growth in its population of of residents and employment and the influx of tourists who have added a distinctive value to the market of real estate, in addition to being considered one of the most powerful cities in the region in terms of the strength of its infrastructure and pumping it for imaginary amounts in order to develop it to make life easier than providing transportation, education, health and shopping centers. Dubai has the largest marketing centers in the world and is in the process of completing the World Mall, the first of its kind in the Middle East and the world at large.

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