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Freehold townhouses at Cherrywoods - a new destination in #Dubai surrounded by green spaces, family-centered, equipped with many sports facilities for a healthy lifestyle
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استمتع بقضاء وقت مميز بأماكن عامة ( أحواض سباحة ، مطاعم ، منتجعات صحية ...) تقع على ارتفاع يفوق 300 متر عن سطح الأرض بمشروع سكني تتجاوزتصاميمه حدود الفخامة في #دبي
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Al Ruwad Real Estate
Al Ruwad Real Estate
#Dubai's luxury real estate market has remained resilient throughout 2019, however the key to any successful society is affordable housing, among other aspects, such as good educational and healthcare systems.

Dubai has many options of affordable housing, which has proved to be a lifeline for long-term residents who wish to invest in their own homes, rather than renting.

These were the most popular locations for homes under AED 1 million in 2019, according to Property Finder data:
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Al Ruwad Real Estate
Al Ruwad Real Estate
Al Ruwad Real Estate
Another super destination is coming to ⁦‪#Dubai‬⁩ - Port De La Mer will be ready by the end of 2020
‎آخر مستجدات إنجاز مشروع بورت دو لامير
Al Ruwad Real Estate
Al Ruwad Real Estate
Al Ruwad Real Estate
من موقع مشروع "لافي" في جميرا بيتش ريزيدنس (جي بي آر) #دبي
"لافي"برج سكني بشقق عصرية تمنح سكانها إطلالات ساحرة على الواجهة البحرية،جزيرة بلوواترز، عين دبي، و نخلة جميرا
انتهاء الإنجاز في مارس 2023
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Al Ruwad Real Estate

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