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How to market real estate properties in time of COVID-19

2020 will be a year saturated with more agents competing to grab online leads than before, given the fact that consumers prefer to browse more from the comfort of their homes, rather than do house hunting physically. So, separating yourself from your competitors will be harder than usual and you need to create a unique value proposition to your target audience in order to stand out. Targeted and relevant marketing is the way forward for this year.

I would like to mention that I am no marketing specialist, but that I do practice marketing for my company on social media and that I learned a great deal as a firsthand experience through trial and error. Real estate marketing is a crowded space especially in a city like Dubai where you have a high ratio of real estate agents to actual prospective homeowners. So, what can we expect from this year moving forward to Q3 in terms of marketing trends?

Video marketing will significantly impact the growth of your personal real estate brand in 2020:

Most online social networks that are also platforms for content creation are switching their focus on videos that are not only engaging, but serve different purposes from achieving awareness, spreading information or promoting services and ideas.

Hyper-targeted Google Affinity Audiences for better results:

Google recently announced that they are bringing affinity audiences to Google search. This means that now you can target a broad keyword like “Dubai real estate” and segment that audience by people who are looking to buy or sell under the affinity audience. This will result in better targeting when it comes to running your Google Ads campaign in 2020.

Inbound marketing:

This year, simply asking for business may sound a little deaf toned considering that the world is facing an unprecedented health crisis and many people lost their jobs and their livelihoods as a result. Agents should practice a value-first approach understanding the power of giving something first before asking for business.

The growth of prop-tech:

One of the fastest-growing sectors in the business world, property technology is changing the game for brokers and agents. Using the right tools not only means that you are providing a better service, but it also gives you another angle to promote and highlight when it comes to marketing and establishing your brand authority. 3D tours and walkthroughs, 360 degrees views of properties, CRM systems have become a mainstream part of showing properties nowadays.

Going green:

The modern generation wants to be more environmentally friendly and eco-friendly living is now a priority for a new generation of property buyers in a bid to reduce their carbon footprint. Introducing new properties with the latest green technologies will stay in high demand for 2020 as well.


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